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Cargo Lift Projects

Regarding cargo lift projects, safety is always our top priority. That’s why Cargo Lift USA offers wire rope slings, chain slings, and synthetic slings to help get the job done safely and efficiently.

At Cargo Lift we work hard to deliver high quality products for our clients, below are some examples on the projects we have help

What are wire rope slings and synthetic slings used for?

Slings are an essential piece of equipment for any lifting project. They are used to secure the load and prevent it from shifting during transport. There are different types of slings, but two of the main ones are wire rope slings and synthetic slings.

Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings are made from steel wire twisted into a rope. They are sturdy and long lasting, making them perfect for heavy loads. 

Synthetic slings 

A synthetic sling, on the other hand, is a sling made from synthetic fibers, such as flat web slings and polyester round slings. They are lighter and more flexible than wire rope slings, making them easier to maneuver around tight corners. 

Both wire rope and synthetic slings have advantages and disadvantages, so selecting the right one for the job is essential. 

How Slings Work in Cargo Lift Projects 

Two main types of slings are used in cargo lift projects: wire rope slings and synthetic slings. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so the type of sling used will depend on the project.  

  • Wire Rope Slings are made of wire strands twisted together. This gives them a high degree of strength and durability, making them ideal for heavy loads. However, wire rope slings can be more expensive than synthetic slings, requiring more care and maintenance to prevent them from rusting or fraying.  
  • Synthetic Slings, on the other hand, are made from a synthetic material resistant to abrasion and UV light. Synthetic slings are also lightweight and easy to handle, making them a good choice for lighter loads. However, synthetic slings can stretch under heavy loads, which can reduce their overall lifting capacity. 

Advantages of Wire Rope and Synthetic Slings in a Cargo Lift Project 

Both wire rope and synthetic slings have their benefits, so the type of sling used will depend on a customer’s particular project.

  • Wire rope slings are strong and durable 
  • Wire rope slings are ideal for heavy loads 
  • Synthetic slings are lightweight and easy to handle 
  • Synthetic slings resist abrasion and UV light 
  • Synthetic slings can stretch under heavy loads 

Why wire rope and synthetic slings are popular freight lifting materials 

Wire rope slings are typically used for heavy-duty projects, such as lifting large pieces of machinery or equipment. They are also often used in construction projects. On the other hand, synthetic slings are often used for lighter loads, such as boxes or containers. 

Synthetic slings are also less likely to damage the cargo than wire rope slings as wire rope is made from steel. On the other hand, synthetic slings are made from synthetic fibers that are much more gentle to the load. 

When purchasing a wire rope or synthetic sling, it is important to consider the load weight and type of goods you will be lifting as well as the environment in which they will operate. 

Partner with Cargo Lift USA 

At Cargo Lift USA, we have experience in a wide range of cargo lift projects. We’ve worked with everything from wire rope slings to synthetic slings, and we’re confident that we can provide the perfect solution for your needs.  

We understand the importance of getting the job done right, and we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.