CARGO LIFT has a certified 60 feet long test bed capable of doing breaking and tension tests up to 200,000 lbs. for any lifting products: Slings, wire rope, chains, synthetic rope and rigging hardware. We can perform breaking and tension tests.

What is proof load test?

It’s a process that requires the lift or pull of a specific type of material (wire rope, synthetic rope, chain or rigging) using specially designed proof load test machines. The machine is able to measure the tensile strength and load capacity of the material based on elongation under force.

Hydraulic cylinders with independent load cells provides an accurate reading of the force exerted on the material, high accuracy displays are used to provide a reliable measurement of the force applied.

The test will ensure the material exceeds the maximum allowable working load limit (WLL) on the material rating. A working load limit is the maximum load that can be applied to a piece of lifting equipment without fear of the equipment failing. The proof load test serves as a pass or fail certificate at the time of test.

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