About Us

Cargo Lift a leader in the manufacture and commercialization of products for lifting and securing of cargo, started operations in 2008 in Mexico City.  With a staff that has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the company became a success and grew all over Mexico, currently we have  6 locations (Mexico City, Ciudad del Carmen, Veracruz, Lazaro Cardenas, Guadalajara and Monclova) and developed a network of 10 distributors in other locations. In 2020 Cargo Lift reached a milestone and decided to diversify and expanded into the U.S. market with its first location in Texas in the North Dallas area.


Cargo Lift’s philosophy is that all the products that manufactured or distributed have at least one evident advantage in relation to the other products that can be found in the market. We also care and are committed to giving the best personal and professional client service. This philosophy has led us to develop star products as well as partnering with global brands who care and identify with the same ideals as CARGO LIFT®