Knuckle Boom Cranes

Mini Series

Productos Cargo Control Ok11

Small Series

Crane Product 5.700c
Crane Produc-8.700c
Crane Produc-10.700c

Medium Series

Productos Cargo Control Ok10
Productos Cargo Control ok8
Productos Cargo Control-ok9
Productos Cargo Control-ok7
Productos Cargo Control-ok6

Great Capacity Series

Productos Cargo Control Ok5
Productos Cargo Control Ok4
Productos Cargo Control Ok3
Productos Cargo Control Ok2
Productos Cargo Control Ok1
Productos Cargo Control Ok


Crane Produc Operating Baskets
Crane Produc Load Limitation
Crane Produc Emergency Stop
Crane Produc Bag Holder
Crane Produc Pallet Lifter
Crane Produc Remote Control
Crane Produc Additional Supports
Crane Produc Mining Kit
Crane Produc Winch
Crane Produc Load Cell
Crane Produc Steel Crap Claw
Crane Produc Drill
Crane Produc Supplementary Cabin
Crane Produc Spare Parts Tka Cranes
Crane Produc Spare Parts Tka Cranes 2

Crane Lift is a distributor of the Knuckle Boom Cranes and Accessories of the TKA brand, which is one of the leading global manufacturers. Our cranes, like all our products, have evident advantages, which makes us your best option.

Crane Lift Info

  • TKA Cranes is a Brazilian company with presence in more than 16 countries.
  • Complete line of cranes of 1.7 tons up to 80 tons.
  • Wide range of accessories such as wireless control, winch, electronic limiter, operating baskets among others.
  • With more than 10.000 satisfied customers, today TKA cranes is the best choice on the market.