The Remote Control?

Telebia produces different remote controls tailored to customer needs. All of them allow simple, flexible, precise and reliable control in a failsafe way. One remote control can be paired with one automatic hook or many, and one automatic hook can be controlled by many remotes. We call it: One to One / One to Many / Many to One.


The eMAX is the most advanced and powerful remote control. It can control multiple automatic hooks simultaneously.


The eMINI remote control is small, simple and ergonomic. It can be integrated into a glove or a wrist belt.

eINST (24 V DC / 48 V DC)

By using a free channel from the master control of any crane, the installable remote can also control the automatic hook(s).

eMAX: Our most advanced and powerful remote control

The remote control that displays and controls multiple automatic hooks

The eMAX is our most advanced remote control, able to control the automatic hooks with the weighing scale. It displays all the info in a big hi-res screen and a high profile keypad, yet remains handy and lightweight.


– USB port
–>charge the remote control
–>export log file
–>update sofware
– RS-232 serial port for PLCs (optional)
– Real time input & output data/orders transmission to PLCs/PCs
– Log events file
– Rugged enclosure, IP65
– Membrane keypad
– Intuitive and user friendly directional keypad
– Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
– Vibrator/Buzzer


The eMAX can manage and display up to 24 automatic hooks simultaneously


The complete range of automatic hooks can be upgraded with a load cell to weigh the load that is being lifted. This load cell is precise, reliable, rugged, compact and fully integrated into the automatic hook. This load cell in combination with the eMAX remote control transforms all of our safety hooks into a precise weighing scale with advanced features.

What does the weighing scale do?

Capture weight
Preset tares or capture tare
Alarm in case of overload (visual, buzzer and vibration. Info of overload value, user, date and time recorded into the log file).
Alarm in case of unbalance (when 2 or more automatic hooks are in use).
Log events file with real time clock (open, close, load, overload alarm, maintenance)
Export log file via USB to spreadsheet

eMINI: Small, simple and ergonomic remote control

The remote control that displays and controls multiple automatic hooks

  • The eMINI is a small and compact remote control. It can be integrated into a glove or used with a wrist band to wear it as a watch.
  • With this remote, the operator can open and close the automatic hook and control its battery level.
  • The eMINI also informs of the hook’s annual inspection and displays sensor information and maintenance messages.
  • It is a small but powerful remote control for crane hooks, compatible with all cranes and other remotes.

Installable Remote Control

  • All elebia automatic hooks can also be controlled using a free channel of the crane’s master control.
  • The installable remote control simply has to be placed in the crane relay cabinet, where only a simple wiring is needed.
  • Compatible with all cranes and other remotes.
  • Available as 24 V DC or 48 V DC
  • Dimensions: 80 x 140 x 45 mm. / 3.15 x 5.51 x 1.77 in.

Safe Lift Control (Interlock)

The safe lift control (or interlock) is an additional, and optional, safety feature which if configured, allows the eINST remote control to enable or disable the lifting of the load depending on the hook’s status.

  •  If the hook’s status is either open or closed, the relay will be closed, allowing the crane to lift the load.
  • If the hook’s status is NOT fully open or closed, the relay will be open, not allowing the crane to lift the load, but it will allow to lower it.