The 2”W triple-leg Polyester sling is made of three equal lengths of Polyester rope connected by a single Grade 100 alloy steel master oblong link for heavy duty lifting and rigging. Each end is fitted with Grade 80 alloy steel safety hooks, making it very easy to handle.
Constructed of industrial-grade webbing, this three-leg sling offers exceptional weight distribution and load control in a lightweight design. Our lifting slings are made in the USA to industry standards and each includes an attached tag displaying the working load limits per angle.
For a custom triple-leg sling, contact our sales team.Sling Proof Testing Certificates
Proof testing certificates can be supplied with your order for a nominal fee and must be requested at the time of order. Proof tests are performed in the factory where the sling is pull tested to 2x the vertical rating and officially recorded as proof for governing bodies. During the standard manufacturing process, only random slings during a production run are tested for compliance; in order to provide proof testing certificates with your order, every sling must be pull tested at the time of manufacture.