The single leg slings features a master oblong on top in Grade 100 alloy steel and a sling hook in Grade 80 alloy steel for long-lasting durability. They are lightweight and easy to handle.

All of our web slings are made in the USA to industry standards with Cargo Edge webbing which is 50% tougher to cut than standard webbing, thanks to the high-tenacity twisted tire-cord yarns providing maximum resistance to wear, cut and abrasion. They’re also stronger and provide much better value, since the slings last longer, the cost per use is greatly reduced.

Also, Cargo Lift’s pocket tag means you won’t have to worry about the inspection tag disappearing during use. We use a PVC pocket with continuously sewn stitching to protect the laser printed tag in color, that includes a QR code that can be digitally scanned to see in real time all the sling information in our Check Lift inspection portal.