Cargo Lift’s marine slings have become a standard in the marine industry around the world. We offer unlimited options to promote safety and save time on your lifting requirements. Our marine slings are made to measure with our polyester fiber and you can add different attachments such as extra eyes, keel guards, protective covers, etc. The eyes of the marine slings can be manufactured flat or twisted depending on the crane that is being used. Putting extra eyes in the marine sling is a great way to give versatility to the sling for use in different applications or with different charges.


  • Eye Treatment –Available straight or tapered, flat or with a half twist.
  • Loose Pin Shackle –Made of strong forged steel.
  • Extra Eye –Available for adjusting length of sling. Can be made the same as end terminals (i.e. half-twist tapered loop, etc.)
  • Keel Pads –Fasten to the sling at the center to protect the sling from wear at this maximum load point. Specify fixed or sliding.
  • Sliding Chine and Rub Rail Sleeves –Prevent damage to both sling and boat at the chine and rub rails.
  • Lead Weights –Keep sling under water for easier positioning on boat. Keel pad required when lead weights are used.
  • Fabric-Eye Disconnect & Disconnect Pins –Available for slings 8” wide and larger.

All capacities listed  meet or exceed all applicable US industry standards and have a 5:1 security factor.

Because there are many different options in sizes and capacities, our Marine slings are made to order, and therefore not returnable.

If you would like more information, have questions or want to request a quote for a Marine Sling, please contact our sales team or 972-421-8099.

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