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Black Flex Slings

Designed for Suspension Applications where metal slings are required.

When metal slings are required for sound and stage lighting suspension, the best and more efficient solution is the use of Black Sling-Flex Round slings from Cargo Lift. The core of the slings is made of galvanized steel aircraft type wire rope made in an endless configuration. The steel core is covered in a double black polyester cover.

The result is a very flexible and easy-to-use sling that complies with all current safety codes. Elongation at nominal capacity is approximately 1%.


Color Part Number Vertical Linked in “u” Minimum Length Approx. Diameter Approx. Weight by Foot
BLACK SLING-FLEX 5.300 4.200 10.600 3’** .825″ 0.75LB


Increased security

  • Better cut resistance
  • Higher heat resistance (392ºF)
  • Fits cargo to securely hold
  • Can be ordered with window allowing full inspection of the core

Saves time

  • No backup equipment required
  • Fewer components for inventoryand transportation
  • Greater flexibility

Saves money

  • No more wire ropes slings or chain slings
  • HLess weight, therefore less freight costs