High performance round slings that offer the highest load capacity combined with a minimum weight.


All capacities listed meet or exceed all applicable US industry standards and have a 5:1 security factor


  • Recommended for heavy loads with non-sharp contact points.
  • Recommended for general purpose loads when the user is looking for an ergonomic solution in relation to conventional steel slings or lanyards.


  • 125/5000
  • Manufactured with a High Tenacity Nylon cover and inside High Performance fibers with Hybrid Engineering Power.


  • Approximately 80% lighter than Chain Slings and Wire Rope Slings and 35% lighter than traditional Round slings with equivalent load capacities.
  • Ergonomic: They offer a stronger, lighter and more flexible option use than traditional chain and wire rope slings, also they are easier to  storage and transport due to their compact size.
  • No load damage: Soft touch that do not damage the load unlike conventional chain or wire rope slings.
  • Superior Safety Benefits: Due to their ergonomic and light weight properties, they reduce workers injuries on the back, neck, shoulder and hands.
  • Minimal elongation: less than 1% in each of their stipulated capacities.
  • Repairable: The covers can be repaired easily.
  • Can be used in temperatures from -40F to 158F
  • Chemical Resistance: High resistance to acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

Because there are many different options in sizes and capacities, our High Performance slings
are made to order, and therefore not returnable. 

If you would like more information, have questions or want to request a quote for a High Performance
Round Sling, please contact our sales team or 972-421-8099.

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